Roof Leak Detection Specialist

Over 40 Years Experience

We detect and repair roof leaks, skylight leaks, vent pipe flashing, and window leaks.

Statisfaction Guaranteed

We never have call-backs, but for your peace-of-mind, our repairs are guaranteed for the life of your roof.

Infrared Leak Detection

We use infrared thermal imaging to ensure diagnostic and estimating accuracy.

The Leak Experts

We track and repair hard-to-find roof leaks, skylight leaks, window, and vent pipe flashing leaks day in and day out.

Our trucks are stocked with all the supplies we need to get your leak repaired immediately.

We’re not a roofing contractor. Instead, we focus only on finding and repairing leaks. If we find that you need a new roof installation, we can recommend a reputable roofing contractor to you.

Mike Evangelist performing an infrared roof leak inspection, inside and on the roof.

What Our Clients Say...

Blue, Philadelphia, PA
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A leak unidentified or simply dismissed as a need for a roof coating was surgically identified by Mike and team near a scuffer box on our row home. Within an hour, it was fixed. After a weekend rain the connected room is dry as a bone. Huge relief. Understand, then, that the promise of Mike's firm is true: they are not roofers; they are leak repair specialists. Their promptness and service are fantastic. They work with uncommon focus and intensity. I can't recommend them enough.
Kelli P.
Collegeville, PA
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I highly recommend Mike and John. They were professional, used photos to show me exactly what the issue was, explained the process and promptly fixed it. I wouldn't hesitate to contact them with any future issues.
Terese Brittingham
Keller Williams Realty Group, Quakertown, PA
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Mike is very easy to get in touch with and responds to calls quickly. We would use Mike again in the future and would recommend him to all of our fellow real estate professionals and anybody out there with a roof that’s having issues.
Gee-Gee Smith
Schwenksville, PA
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We had a leak in our basement and could not identify where it was coming from. I called Mike on a Monday and he came out on Tuesday. They were friendly, polite, fully explained what they could and could not do, and took photos of the problem areas. I am thoroughly satisfied with their thorough inspection and professional behavior.
Bambi K.
Pottstown, PA
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We have been trying to find someone to identify the cause of our roof leak for 2 years. Mike was able to do it in less than an hour. He also fixed 1 of the 2 causes of our leaks on his initial evaluation visit. I wish I would have called him sooner! Absolutely great service!
Michael Dirks
Dirks Pest Management, Collegeville, PA
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With the high winds we get in this area, I have occasionally had shingles blown off of my roof. Not only have I used Mike and his crew, but I often recommend him to others for roof leaks, missing shingles and mystery leaks. He charges a fair price for the inspection and repairs and documents everything so you know exactly what the problem is.
Joanne Gardocki
Joanne Gardocki
Royersford, PA
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Mike found a roof leak for us years ago. When we had recent storm damage to the roof he was the first name on my list. He did a thorough inspection and made the repairs the same day. Mike does a great job answering questions and I trust his years of experience to do the job correctly and save me money by eliminating unnecessary work.
Jack C.
Strathmere, NJ
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After spending thousands with other contractors trying unsuccessfully to repair a leak at our beach house, Mike located the problem within fifteen minutes and had completed the repair thirty minutes later. After several Nor’easters and driving rains, no more leak. Spending a little more for a true Leak Specialist is a very sound decision.
David P. Wells
Wells and Sons Chimney Service Inc, Gilbertsville, PA
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Wells and Sons Chimney service Inc has been referring homeowners to Mike Evangelist for some time now and we would like to express our thankfulness to Mike with the responses we have received from those referred. He locates the problem and resolves it immediately. We will keep recommending people to him.
Kristen Q
Phoenixville, PA
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I would highly recommend Mike Evangelist to anyone with possible roofing issues and leaks. Mike returned my call promptly and arrived on the next business day. Mike and John were completely professional, took photo evidence of the problems with my roof, and carefully explained the process for repairs.
Patty Best
Radnor, PA
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We’ve had flat roof issues for over 15 years and tried many different roofing companies. Mike found the leak and fixed the problem for good. Our new sky light is built like Fort Knox. John does excellent installation and is polite, neat and a true perfectionist. It was worth every penny and we feel reassured knowing Mike stands behind his work.
Janet O.
Limerick, PA
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My husband and I were planning to go overseas for vacation when we noticed a wet patch on the ceiling of our bedroom. I called Mike and he came to look at our roof within 48 hours. Everything was fixed and done well before our vacation so that we didn’t have to worry about our roof while we were gone! I really appreciate his quick service and professionalism.
Nicole & Mark Kensington
Nicole & Mark Kensington
Philadelphia, PA
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After 2 years of being nickel and dimed by other contractors, Mike Evangelist successfully diagnosed our persistent leak in fifteen minutes and repaired it the same day. Even with these big summer storms, we have not seen a drop. We are so grateful for Mike’s help and his work was worth every penny!