Skylights are a great way to add natural light to your home, which can improve your mood and productivity. They can also help to reduce your energy bills, as they allow you to use less artificial light. Additionally, skylights can improve the ventilation in your home, which can help to reduce the risk of mold and mildew.

Skylight Leaks

Skylights can also become a source of water leaks over time, but generally, this is due to improper installation when new, from storm damage, or from the skylight being constructed with low-quality materials.

Repairs or Replacement

When we remove an old skylight, we first have to remove all the old shingles around the skylight. If the old shingles still look okay, we can use them after the new skylight is installed.

First, we remove the old shingles. Then, we unscrew the existing skylight off of the roof. Once the existing skylight is taken down, we can carry the new skylight and install it onto the roof.

We only use Velux skylights to ensure you get quality materials and lasting durability. When the skylight is installed, we have to use a rubber membrane to seal the skylight down onto the plywood. After that, we can start installing the shingles with step flashing.