Why Choose Us?

Mike Evangelist

Hi, I’m Mike!

I started out working for my stepfather‘s business at the age of 12. Weekends, spring break, summer. We did commercial and residential roofing.

At age 17, I went full-time. And was running an entire roofing crew. 

When I was 18, I ran a hot tar crew at the new YMCA in Phoenixville. Also, we were not union…until local 30 caught up with us and made us go union.

Whenever there was a roof leak situation, I was always elected to track the leak. Turns out I had a knack for tracking roof leaks, a sort of roof leak guru.

In 1980 I parted ways with my stepfather and started my own business doing roofing and siding and windows. I had a roofing crew of 5 to 7 men.

In 1989, I was talking to a roof owner friend. As I was complaining to him that nobody wants to pay for honest, quality work, he said, why don’t you do what you’re good at tracking leaks. After all, that’s what I did for his company. Occasionally, when his roofers couldn’t find them, he would call me.

I decided to concentrate on specializing with tracking hard-to-find roof leaks. racking roof leaks. 

So 40 years later, everybody knows my name. My stepfather taught me everything I knew about roofing. I learned through on-the-job training in the school of hard knocks.

In 2008, I met up with Jon Annis.  He has been with me ever since and became my business partner.

Jonathan Annis

Hi, I’m Jon!

Graduate of North Montco Technical Career Center with a journeyman’s card. The major focus of building trades. After an internship and graduation, I went on to commercial construction that included carpentry and roofing, along with all aspects of the building project.

After several years of working in the commercial building trades, I transitioned into custom residential home building. At the same time, my desire was to shift my goals to have my own construction business.

I was given an opportunity to become a working partner with Mike Evangelist. Since roofing had been a large part of my past work experience, it was a natural fit. Finding and detecting hard-to-track roof leaks is our specialty. However, we also follow through and complete the repairs when possible.